Extendicare Countryside

Our “Commitment to Residents” is at the core of everything we do

Our Commitment to Residents serves as the foundation upon which our home stands, and now many governments and other organizations use similar language in their Resident Bill of Rights.

We recognize that each long-term care resident is a unique individual with unique wants and needs and that it is our responsibility to balance the rights of all residents. Extendicare is committed to ensuring that each resident:

  • Will be encouraged to remain as independent as possible, and will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity, free from mental and physical abuse, in a manner that recognizes one’s status as an adult;
  • Will be provided with care without discrimination;
  • Will be provided with a safe, clean and healthy environment to ensure safety and to protect property;
  • Has access to programs that meet physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual needs, and that provide opportunities to develop interests, abilities and potential;
  • Will receive nutritious meals and snacks appropriate to diet needs and which meet Canada’s Food Guide;
  • Can view the facility as being one’s home and is welcome to enjoy personal belongings and furnishings provided space limitations and safety requirements are recognized;
  • Has privacy when receiving counseling, treatment or personal care, or when communicating with family, friends, lawyers, clergy, government representatives or any other person;
  • Can choose a personal physician, providing the physician follows provincial legislation as well as guidelines developed by Extendicare and the facility’s Professional Advisory Committee;
  • Has one’s condition, care and treatment explained in easily understood terms, and will be supported in the right to have input into decisions that affect quality of life;
  • Can refuse medical treatment and medications and is informed of the medical consequences of refusing;
  • Has freedom from chemical or physical restraints, except as authorized in writing by a physician for a specified period of time, or when necessary for prevention of injury;
  • Can refuse personal care to the extent that it will not interfere with the lives and safety of other residents;
  • Will not be transferred within the facility or to another facility without prior knowledge, unless such a move takes place during a life-threatening situation;
  • Has access to and is kept informed of changes to legislation, regulations, policies and services included in the monthly fee, and services provided at an extra cost;
  • Can manage one’s own financial affairs, or can authorize another person to do so. In those cases where the facility administers trust funds for a resident, detailed information regarding financial transactions will be provided;
  • Will have one’s financial, medical and other personal information kept confidential and made available only to authorized persons requiring such information in the resident’s best interest;
  • Can form friendships and enjoy relationships with persons of one’s choosing;
  • Can establish and participate in resident organizations and can express concerns, comments and suggestions to staff members or administration without fear of reprisal; and
  • Is assured that all staff have been made aware of, and will honour Extendicare’s Commitment to Residents.